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WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer 2023

WorldLink Khalti Dashain offer
29 Sep, 2023

As the Dashain festivities are near, Are you ready for an exciting opportunity to explore the vibrant city of Dubai?

Khalti, in collaboration with WorldLink, is excited to introduce the WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer, which is exclusive only to WorldLink customers, giving you the chance to win an unforgettable Dubai tour for 4 nights and 5 days. Best of all, Khalti will cover all your travel expenses, making this an offer you won’t want to miss!

The Khalti Dashain Full Offer, a partnership between Khalti and WorldLink, is a prime example of how two dynamic companies are breaking new ground in the world of digital payments and customer engagement to promote digital payments, such a campaign has been launched. We are confident that such campaigns will increase the use of digital payments.

This blog post delves deeper into the intricacies of this exciting offer, exploring its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the impact it’s poised to have on the digital payments landscape.

The Mechanism: How to Participate

Participating in the WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer is simple, yet it offers customers an extraordinary chance to win big. To qualify, customers must renew their WorldLink accounts using their Khalti wallets. This renewal can be for either a 3-month or 12 months. Here’s how it works:

  1. 3-Month Package: Customers who pay for their account for 3 months both for new and renewal will receive 2 voucher codes from the Khalti.
  2. 12-Month Package: Customers who pay for their account for a 12-month both for new and renewal will receive 5 voucher codes from the Khalti.

These voucher codes will be securely stored in the customer’s Khalti account and will serve as their entries into the weekly lucky draw. No matter the package customer have, everyone will be eligible while paying for their WorldLink account via Khalti.

Hence, the more codes a customer accumulates, the greater their chances of winning one of the coveted Dubai tours. This mechanism not only promotes the use of Khalti for payments but also rewards customers for their loyalty and trust in the platform.

Winning means you get a chance to go to Dubai, one of the most amazing cities in the world. Picture yourself exploring the dazzling streets of Dubai, with its tall skyscrapers, beautiful beaches, and a mix of old and new cultures. This fantastic vacation can come true for 24 lucky couples who join this special offer.

The main thing about this WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer is that every week, 2 fortunate couples will be chosen to go on a 4-night, 5-day trip to Dubai. What makes it even better is that Khalti, the digital wallet company, will pay for everything, including your plane tickets and hotels. It’s a dream vacation without worrying about money.

WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain offer

So, seize this opportunity !! Renew your WorldLink account through Khalti, collect your voucher codes, and cross your fingers for the weekly lucky draw. As you do so, remember that you’re not just getting the offer but also; you’re embracing the future of digital payments and enjoying incredible rewards along the way. WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer represents more than just a chance to win a Dubai tour. It’s a journey towards a cashless future, where convenience and rewards go hand in hand. Embrace this journey, and who knows, Dubai might just be the first stop on your digital adventure!

Steps to pay WorldLink internet bill from the Khalti app:

Step 1: Sign up/Login to Khalti

Step 2: Tap on ‘Internet’ under Recharge and Bill payments

WorldLink Khalti Payment Steps 1

Step 3: Select WorldLink from the Internet section

khalti 2

Step 4: Fill up the Username and the required details

WorldLink Khalti Payment Steps 3

Step 5: Proceed to pay

khalti 5

Steps to pay WorldLink internet bill via the WorldLink website:

Step 1: Go to https://epayment.worldlink.com.np/new/internet-payment
Step 2:Choose Khalti for Payment
Step 3:Fill your Username
Step 4: Tap on check

FAQs of Khalti Full Dashain Offer

1. How can customers avail of the WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer?

Customers can easily avail of the Dashain offer by using the Khalti App for payment or by making payments at WorldLink cash counters using Khalti.

2. Do customers need to pay extra for the WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer?

No, customers are not required to pay any additional fees. They just need to pay their regular 3-month or 12-month internet charges.

3. How will customers be notified after making a payment?

Customers will receive immediate notifications through SMS or Mobile app notification after making their 3-month or 12-month payments.

4. Are customers who sign up through a Refer Offer eligible for this WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer?

Yes, customers who sign up through a referral are eligible for the Dashain offer. However, please note that only the referred person will be eligible for this particular Dashain offer.

5. What if customers prefer to pay by check?

As per the terms and conditions of the Dashain offer, payments made via methods other than Khalti, such as Direct Cash Payment or by check, will not be eligible for the offer.

6. What happens if customers already have remaining days on their accounts and make an advance payment for 3 months or 12 months?

For instance, if customers have 2 months left on their accounts:

a. If they pay for 3 months, they will receive 2 voucher codes.

b. If they pay for 12 months, they will receive 5 voucher codes.

Please note that this won’t be eligible if they pay for the remaining months or adjust it.

7. What should customers do if they don’t receive all 2 or 5 codes?

In such cases, customers can directly contact Khalti Support for assistance.

8. How can customers obtain voucher codes for this WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer?

Customers have multiple options to get voucher codes:

  1. If they pay directly from the Khalti app, they will receive voucher codes instantly via SMS or FCM.
  2. If they pay at WorldLink cash counters, our counter app will receive voucher codes, which can be shared with customers via screenshots, SMS, or by taking photos.
  3. If customers pay through a third party (like a Khalti point) or use a friend or family member’s Khalti account, they will receive the voucher codes through the initiating app.

Remember that this offer is exclusively available for Khalti Consumer IDs, so ensure you have your Khalti Consumer ID ready to take advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Terms and Conditions for Dubai Trip

  • 24 Lucky couples shall win a Dubai trip during the campaign period.
  • 2 lucky couples shall be chosen as winners every week.
  • Only registered Worldlink users shall be eligible to win the reward.
  • The payment should be for Worldlink internet payment of either 3 months or 12 months through the Khalti application.
  • The payment should be made through the Khalti Consumer account only.
  •  Lucky winners will be announced through Khalti’s official Facebook page.
  • Rewards should be claimed within 15 days from the date of announcement.
  • The reward shall be valid for three months from the date of claim.
  • Failure to claim the reward within the stipulated time may result in forfeiture of the reward.

Terms and Conditions for Scratch Coupon

  • Only Khalti users shall be eligible to win the award.
  • Users making Worldlink internet payments through Khalti shall be eligible to receive Scratch Coupons.
  • The payment should be for Worldlink internet payment.
  • The payment should be made through the Khalti Consumer account only.
  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of Khalti shall be final and binding.
  • The rewards and Scratch Coupons are non-transferable and may not be sold, exchanged or transferred to other parties.
  • Khalti, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions, with or without prior notice to the users.

Not withstanding anything contained herein, Khalti reserves the right to refuse or disqualify any users from being eligible to win the reward and and Khalti shall be under no obligation to provide any reason for such refusal or disqualification.

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