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WorldLink PUBG Mobile: #Be Invincible

WorldLink PUBG Mobile in Nepal

Ever since its launch in 2018, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile has become a global sensation, enthralling players with its intense battle royale gameplay. Nepal was no exception to the PUBG Mobile fever, as the game’s captivating graphics, competitive environment, and action-packed battles won over gamers across the country. As the world of mobile gaming evolved, PUBG Mobile emerged as a transformative force, redefining the gaming landscape for mobile enthusiasts.

Recognizing the immense potential in this gaming revolution, WorldLink seized the opportunity to provide the best gaming experience in Nepal through a strategic collaboration with PUBG Mobile. With this partnership, WorldLink aims to elevate the gaming experience for players across the nation, making it more seamless, immersive, and exhilarating than ever before. Together, WorldLink and PUBG Mobile are set to usher in a new era of gaming excellence in Nepal, empowering mobile gamers to explore a realm of endless possibilities.

WorldLink Pubg Mobile Gamer package


WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer Pack

Introducing the WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack

Recognizing the significance of PUBG Mobile’s popularity and its impact on the gaming industry, WorldLink, Nepal’s leading Internet Service Provider, forged an exciting partnership with PUBG Mobile. This collaboration aims to elevate the gaming experience and provide an uninterrupted and seamless environment for millions of players across Nepal. The focus is on offering a gaming environment that provides players with the same level of ultra-gameplay experienced by professional players during major gaming competitions like PMGC, PMPL, and PMWI.

Players of PUBG Mobile may now enjoy uninterrupted gaming, regardless of their location or device, as a result of WorldLink’s innovative network infrastructure and innovative technologies. This innovative cooperation also brings faster upload and download speeds, which significantly lowers latency and boosts overall performance. The launch of WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack signals the beginning of an altogether new level of gaming experience as a result of this cooperation.

With the technological prowess of WorldLink and the unwavering dedication of PUBG Mobile to providing the highest level of gaming engagement, especially through our modern gaming package, the PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack, every passionate player in Nepal can look forward to an outstanding and unstoppable gaming odyssey.

Key Benefits of the Collaboration for WorldLink Customers

    • Seamless Gameplay: WorldLink’s optimized network ensures a seamless gaming experience with minimal lags and delays, enabling players to fully immerse themselves in the game without disruptions.

    • Faster Response Times: With upgraded network architecture, ping times are minimized, allowing players to respond quickly and secure last-second critical kills.

    • Faster Download and Upload Speeds: Players can now download updates and upload content faster, staying up-to-date with the latest game improvements and effortlessly sharing their gaming experiences.

    • Enhanced Performance: The collaboration aims to elevate overall gaming performance, giving players a competitive edge in matches.

To complement the collaboration and cater to the specific needs of PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, WorldLink introduced “The WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Pack.” This package offers two variants tailored to deliver optimal gaming experiences:

Worldlink Pubgmobile package

1. 250Mbps Package: Designed for intense online gaming sessions, this package offers a high-speed internet connection with reduced latency, ensuring smoother gameplay and an improved overall gaming experience. This package is available in a 3-month and 12-month bundle as well, with which you get a WiFi-5 Nokia Beacon 1.1 and also rental & basic installation charge will be free but you will have to pay a deposit fee. Looking to buy without any intermediaries? The WorldLink Website is where you need to go. Simply click here.

2. 300Mbps Package: For gamers seeking an even more robust and responsive internet connection, the 300 Mbps package is an excellent choice. It guarantees a lag-free and ultra-smooth gaming experience, enabling players to stay at the top of their game. This package is available in a 3-month and 12-month bundle as well, with which you get a WiFi-5 Nokia Beacon1.1 also rental & basic installation charges will be free but you will have to pay a deposit fee. So, Skip the hassle and buy your Gamer package straight from the WorldLink Website click here

The Flexibility of The Gamers Pack: WorldLink understands that gamers have diverse needs and preferences. Hence, “The Gamers Pack” offers both 3-month and 12-month package options. This flexibility allows players to choose the duration that aligns best with their gaming habits, ensuring they get the most out of their gaming experience.

Key Features of WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamers Pack:

1. Lowest Latency: “The WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamers Pack” boasts a remarkable lowest latency, guaranteeing swift and seamless in-game responses.

2. Smoother Gameplay: With the advanced network infrastructure provided by WorldLink, players can enjoy PUBG Mobile with minimal interruptions or stutters.

3. Fast Internet: The high-speed internet connection ensures speedy downloads, updates, and uploads, enabling players to stay at the forefront of the gaming scene.

4. 24/7 Support: WorldLink offers round-the-clock support to address any technical issues or inquiries that gamers may encounter, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.

worldlink pubg mobile gamer pack

FAQs: WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer Package

1. Is PUBG Mobile the best game in Nepal’s gaming landscape?

While opinions on the “best” game may vary, PUBG Mobile has undoubtedly left a significant impact on Nepal’s gaming community. Its intense battle royale gameplay, immersive graphics, and competitive nature have attracted millions of players, making it one of the most popular and sought-after mobile games in Nepal.

To get the best gaming experience while playing Nepal’s best game mobile game subscribe to WorldLink’s Gamers Pack, through which players can fully enjoy the benefits of the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update. WorldLink’s Gamers Pack ensures that players can fully immerse themselves with reduced latency in an intense battle of fast-paced action shooter survival features of PUBG Mobile.

2. What is PUBG Mobile Lite, and how does it differ from PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of the standard PUBG Mobile game, designed for devices with lower specifications and limited storage capacity. It offers a similar battle royale experience but with a smaller map size, reduced graphics quality, and fewer players per match. It is an excellent option for players with entry-level smartphones who still want to enjoy the PUBG Mobile experience.

No matter which version of the game you would be playing the only thing that matters is smooth gameplay and a lag-free experience of the game with very low latency. For that, WorldLink’s Gamers Pack is the best choice for anyone wanting to have an awesome gaming experience.

3. What are the top online games for PC in Nepal?

PUBG Mobile has emerged as the premier online game in Nepal, captivating players with its thrilling battle royale experience. Since its release in 2018, PUBG Mobile has gained an immense following, becoming a cultural phenomenon in the country’s gaming landscape.

With its intense gameplay, realistic graphics, and competitive nature, PUBG Mobile quickly became a favourite among Nepali gamers. The game’s premise is simple yet highly engaging: players are parachuted onto an island, where they must scavenge for weapons, equipment, and resources to survive while eliminating opponents. The last player or team standing is crowned the winner, making every match a high-stakes battle for supremacy.

To accompany the game’s realistic graphics and intense gameplay WorldLink has come with WorldLink’s Gamer Pack to provide you with the thrill of a full battle royale experience.

4. What are the key features of the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update?

The PUBG Mobile 2.3 update brings several exciting features, such as:


    • “Project T” mode: A new futuristic game mode with advanced technology and unique gameplay mechanics.

    • Titan Strikes: A new event where players can battle titans for valuable rewards.

    • New weapons and vehicles: Introducing the ASM Abakan assault rifle and Coupe RB sports car.

    • Royale Pass: Season 19 Royale Pass with exclusive rewards and challenges.

This optimization includes bug fixes and improvements to reduce lag and enhance overall gameplay. With WorldLink’s Gamers Pack, players can fully enjoy the benefits of the PUBG Mobile 2.3 update. The high-speed internet and reduced latency offered by WorldLink ensure that players can fully immerse themselves in the intense battles, fast-paced action, and exciting new features that the update brings. The collaboration between WorldLink and PUBG Mobile continues to revolutionize the gaming experience for millions of players in Nepal, providing seamless gameplay and a competitive edge for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

5. How does WorldLink’s internet speed enhance gaming performance?

The PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack by WorldLink, featuring high-speed internet at 250Mbps and 300Mbps, ensures a seamless and optimized gaming experience for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts. With reduced latency, smooth gameplay, and minimal packet loss, players enjoy faster reaction times, quicker matchmaking, and competitive advantage. The reliable connection allows for swift game updates, uninterrupted online multiplayer, and 24/7 customer support, elevating the PUBG Mobile experience to new heights.

Here’s how WorldLink’s high-speed internet contributes to a seamless and optimized gaming performance:                                            

1. Lowest Latency: Latency, also known as ping, is the time it takes for data packets to travel from the player’s device to the game server and back. In online gaming, low latency is crucial as it reduces the delay between the player’s actions and the game’s response. With WorldLink’s high-speed internet, gamers experience significantly reduced latency, allowing for faster and more responsive in-game actions.

2. Smooth Gameplay: The high bandwidth provided by WorldLink’s PUBG Gamer’s Pack ensures a stable and smooth gaming experience. With faster download and upload speeds, gamers can quickly load into matches, download game updates, and share gaming content without interruptions or delays.

3. Seamless Online Multiplayer: PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game where players team up and compete against each other. With WorldLink’s high-speed internet, players can seamlessly connect with their teammates and opponents, ensuring a lag-free and immersive gaming session.

4. Minimal Packet Loss: Packet loss occurs when data packets are lost or don’t reach their destination during transmission. In online gaming, packet loss can lead to a subpar gaming experience with lags and disruptions. WorldLink’s reliable and robust network infrastructure minimizes packet loss, providing a more stable and consistent gaming connection.

5. Faster Matchmaking: With high-speed internet, gamers can quickly find and join matches, reducing the waiting time between games. Faster matchmaking allows players to spend more time in the action and less time waiting in lobbies.

6. Quick Game Updates: PUBG Mobile frequently releases updates and new content to keep the game fresh and exciting. WorldLink’s fast internet speeds ensure that players can download these updates quickly, enabling them to stay up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

7. Competitive Advantage: In competitive gaming, every millisecond matters. With WorldLink’s high-speed internet, PUBG Mobile players gain a competitive edge with faster reaction times and smoother gameplay, giving them an advantage over opponents with slower connections.

8. 24/7 Customer Support: WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack PRO not only provides high-speed internet but also comes with 24/7 customer support. In case of any technical issues, WorldLink’s dedicated support team is available to assist gamers, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience

6. What makes WorldLink’s internet speed ideal for online gaming?

WorldLink’s network infrastructure is optimized for gaming, prioritizing stability, consistency, and low latency. But with its new PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack, the use of advanced technologies like Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 that are widely used by the PRO PUBG Mobile gamers ensures faster and more reliable internet connections, creating an ideal environment for an exceptional gaming experience.

7. What are the essential features to consider when choosing a gaming router?

When selecting a gaming router, look for features like:


    • Dual-band support for faster and more stable connections.

    • Quality of Service (QoS) settings to prioritize gaming traffic.

    • Advanced security features for protection against cyber threats.

    • Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired gaming.

You can get all these in WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack with the speed of 250 Mbps and 300 Mbps which have advanced technologies like Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 that are widely used by the PRO PUBG Mobile gamers in Nepal.

8. Which router models are recommended for smooth gaming experiences?

For smooth gaming experiences, the following router models are recommended, especially when combined with WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack, which offers high-speed internet with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 capabilities, as well as options for Nokia Beacon 1.1 and Nokia Beacon 2.0 with the recommended speed of 250 Mbps and 300Mbps with the same level of ultra-gameplay experienced by professional players during major gaming competitions like PMGC, PMPL, and PMWI.

9. What does the gaming internet package include, and how is it different from regular internet plans?

Yes, there is a difference, the internet package, known as “The Gamers Pack” or WorldLink PUBGM Gamer’s Pack, is tailor-made for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts, providing a specialized gaming experience. This package offers high-speed internet connections with reduced latency, ensuring smoother gameplay and a competitive advantage with the lowest latency. It includes features like swift game updates, uninterrupted online multiplayer sessions, and 24/7 dedicated customer support, all of which are essential for avid gamers.

In contrast, regular internet plans do not offer these gaming-specific features. They may lack the optimized network infrastructure required for low latency, resulting in higher ping times and potential lags during intense gaming sessions. Standard internet plans may not prioritize gaming performance and may not offer the same level of support and dedicated services as The Gamers Pack.

With WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack, gamers can fully immerse themselves in the thrilling world of PUBG Mobile, confident in the knowledge that their internet connection is optimized for the best gaming experience possible.

10. How can I ensure the best Wi-Fi connection for my gaming PC or mobile?

To ensure the best Wi-Fi connection for your gaming PC, consider the following:

1. Optimal Router Placement: Position your Wi-Fi router in a central location within your home to ensure better coverage and reach. For larger homes, consider adding secondary routers with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 technology, such as Nokia Beacon 1.1 and Nokia Beacon 2.0, to create a reliable mesh network that extends coverage to all areas.

2. Keep Firmware Updated: Regularly update your router’s firmware to the latest version provided by WorldLink. These updates often include bug fixes, security enhancements, and performance optimizations, ensuring your gaming PC benefits from the most stable and efficient connection.

3. Minimize Interference: Reduce potential interference from other electronic devices that operate on similar frequencies as your Wi-Fi router. Keep the router away from cordless phones, microwaves, and Bluetooth devices, as they can disrupt the signal and cause lag during gaming sessions.

By following these tips and utilizing the advanced technology of WorldLink’s PUBG MObile Gamer’s Pack, along with Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 routers like Nokia Beacon 1.1 and Nokia Beacon 2.0, you can create an optimized Wi-Fi network that delivers exceptional connectivity for your gaming PC. This ensures minimal latency, reduced packet loss, and an overall smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience while competing in the adrenaline-fueled battles of PUBG Mobile.

11. Does WorldLink offer exclusive packages tailored for PUBG Mobile players?

Yes, WorldLink provides an exclusive package called “The Gamers Pack” specifically designed for PUBG Mobile players. This specialized package offers high-speed internet connections with reduced latency, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience. With an impressive 20ms ping, swift game updates, seamless online multiplayer sessions, and round-the-clock customer support, WorldLink’s Gamers Pack elevates the PUBG Mobile experience to new heights for all dedicated players. 

12. How can I reduce latency and ping for smoother gameplay in PUBG Mobile?

For PUBG Mobile enthusiasts seeking the best gaming experience with reduced latency and ping, WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack is the ultimate solution. Tailored specifically for online gamers, this exclusive package offers high-speed internet connections with bandwidth speeds of 250 Mbps and 300 Mbps, ensuring minimal lag and an ultra-responsive gaming environment.

One of the key features of WorldLink’s PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack is the inclusion of advanced Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 technology. These advanced routers, such as Nokia Beacon 1.1 and Nokia Beacon 2.0, provide a robust and reliable wireless connection, delivering the lowest ping possible – an impressive 20ms! With this low ping, you can enjoy smoother gameplay, lightning-fast response times, and a competitive edge in intense PUBG Mobile battles.

Moreover, WorldLink’s dedicated gaming package optimizes your internet connection for gaming traffic, reducing potential interference from other devices on the network and prioritizing your PUBG Mobile sessions. This ensures a stable and dedicated internet connection, minimizing packet loss and disruptions during gameplay.

13. Can existing WorldLink customers get this WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer Package?

Absolutely, existing WorldLink customers are in for a treat! The WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Package is available to all our valued customers. Whether you’re a new or existing subscriber, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced latency, smoother gameplay, and enhanced overall gaming experience. Elevate your gaming sessions with this exclusive package designed to bring you the best of PUBG Mobile.

WorldLink has been actively working to offer this package to our valued customers for the past few months. In collaboration with skilled Nepali PUBG players and streamers, WorldLink has conducted a number of testing with these Nepali PUBG Gamers. The expert testimonies clearly show how the WorldLink PUBG Mobile Gamer’s Pack has significantly improved the gaming journeys of numerous professional gamers and streams. Check out these testimonials provided by pro gamers, which showcase how the WorldLink PUBGM Gamer’s Pack has positively impacted the gaming experiences of various pro gamers and streamers.

The WorldLink Gamer Package has exceeded my expectations, as I am surprised to get a latency of 25 ms while comparing it with other packages where it used to be 80 ms. This has improved my gameplay and overall experience.

Trained to Kill (T2K) Esports:

Worldlink pubg mobile_T2k

WorldLink’s Gamer Package is a must-have for serious gamers. The smooth gameplay and lowest latency are the best, delivering the ultimate edge in every match.”

Nero Gaming

Worldlink pubgmobile nero gaming

This gaming package has been a revelation, With latency down to 25 ms from my previous provider’s 80 ms, it’s like a whole new world. The gameplay is now seamless and lag-free, elevating my gaming sessions to new heights. A must-try for gamers!

CR7 horaa

Our gaming experience has skyrocketed since we switched to this gaming package! Gaming speed and latency are truly international standards. Now, we can confidently compete with foreign PUBG teams from Nepal without any disadvantages. The seamless gameplay and reduced lag have boosted our performance, making us a formidable force in the gaming world.

Worldlink pubgmobile Cr7 horaa

DeadEyes Guys

WorldLink like to thank all these pro-Nepali gamers for providing feedback on our gamer package. Moreover, the partnership between WorldLink and PUBG Mobile is a turning point in Nepal’s gaming history. WorldLink is steadfast in its objective to deliver an unrivalled gaming experience to the thriving community of PUBG Mobile gamers in Nepal by offering modern technology and the dedicated Gamers Pack. Players may immerse themselves in the heart-pounding world of PUBG Mobile to an unparalleled degree with faster and more reliable internet connections. Without a doubt, this partnership will open the doors to exciting possibilities and opportunities, enabling players to improve their skills and experience the game in never-before-seen ways.

Worldlink pubgmobile Deadeyes guys