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boAt Smartwatch price in Nepal 2024: Best Smartwatch

Once again, WorldLink Communications, Nepal’s leading internet service provider, introduces exciting savings. presenting the “Smart Combo Offer” in collaboration with the acclaimed technology manufacturer boAt, this enticing deal is set to bring joy and excitement to your lifestyle in a variety of colours for both men and women. Explore a variety of discounts and deals by experiencing lightning-fast internet, grab exclusive deals on boAt smartwatches, and immerse yourself in a blog featuring irresistible boAt smartwatch prices in Nepal.

WorldLink’s newest offering, the Smart Combo Offer, features high-speed internet at an incredible package for 3-month and 12-month annual subscriptions. Additionally, enjoy exclusive access to the latest boAt smartwatch, the “boAt Ultima Connect,with an attractive up to 50% discount for both new and existing WorldLink customers just at Rs. 2249 for both existing and new customers. This raises the standard for internet services in Nepal and meets the growing demand of the digital age for dependable opportunities.

WorldLink’s Smart Combo Deal Offer: boAt Smartwatch price in Nepal

WorldLink has teamed up with boAt, the leader in tech trends, to provide you with amazing discounts on premium smartwatches named boAt Ultima Connect,with an attractive up to 50% discount for both new and existing WorldLink customers.

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boAt smartwatch price in Nepal with WorldLink Combo Deal offer

boAt Ultima Connect – 50% discount in boAt Smartwatch in Nepal for WorldLink Customer

As the crisp winter air paints Nepal in shades of silver and gold, why not embrace the magic of the season with a tech companion that keeps you stylish, connected, and motivated? Enter the boAt Ultima Connect smartwatch, a sleek oasis of functionality on your wrist, ready to elevate your winter experience.

Ditch the Bulky, Embrace Brilliance:

boAt Ultima Connect boasts a stunning 1.83″ HD display with a 2.5D curved touch panel that puts crystal-clear visuals at your fingertips. Even under the winter sun, a breathtaking 700 nits brightness ensures hassle-free viewing, while the intuitive wake gesture allows for seamless navigation without fumbling with frozen fingers.

Power Up with Crest+ OS:

Step into a World of Innovation and say no to basic smartwatches! boAt Ultima Connect is powered by the revolutionary Crest+ OS, unlocking a new horizon of possibilities. Craft your watch faces, expressing your unique style with endless customisation options. Dive into the Crest App health ecosystem, meticulously tracking your fitness and health vitals, from steps and sleep to heart rate and activity levels.

Activity Rewards Unlocked:

Turn Fitness into Fun as Winter shouldn’t just be about surviving the cold; it’s about thriving with boAt coins! Every step you take, every workout you crush, every restful night of sleep adds to your virtual treasure trove. Redeem your boAt coins for cool gadgets, trendy apparel, or even delightful treats. Make fitness fun and rewarding, watch your motivation soar, and conquer your winter goals with a smile.

Stay Connected Effortlessly:

Leave bulky phones behind and embrace the freedom of built-in Bluetooth calling. boAt Ultima Connect lets you take and make calls on the go with up to 10 saved contacts or the dialpad. Whether you’re trekking through the snow-capped Himalayas or navigating the bustling streets of Kathmandu, staying connected is effortless.

Beyond Tech: Your Wellness Coach

boAt Ultima Connect is more than just a smartwatch; it’s your winter wellness coach. Guided breathing exercises help you combat seasonal stress, while sleep monitoring provides insights into your slumber patterns. Customize fitness plans tailored to your goals and activity levels, keeping you motivated even when the wind howls outside. This winter, prioritize your well-being with a tech companion that empowers you to take charge of your health.

Warm Up with Style:

boAt Ultima Connect comes in a range of sleek and stylish colours, from classic black to vibrant teal, ensuring you always make a statement. Complement your winter wardrobe with a touch of tech-infused elegance, and let your wrist do the talking.

boAt Smartwatch Ultima Connect Specifications

  • Category Smartwatches
  • Model boAt Ultima Connect
  • Display Dimension 1.83” (4.64 cm) Big HD Display
  • Battery Capacity 220 mAh
  • Working Temperature -20 to 60 degrees Charging Time Upto 1 hour
  • Working Time Upto 7 days in normal mode
  • Country Of Origin India

Other Features

  • 700+ activities
  • Live cricket scores
  • Hearing Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Energy and Sleep Score
  • AI Voice Assistant
  • Cloud and Custom Watch Faces
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Music and Camera Control
  • Compatibility: Android 7.0 and above; iOS 12.0 and above
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boAt Ultima Connect is more than just a smartwatch; it’s an invitation to embrace the magic of winter with style, innovation, and effortless connection. Make this season your most empowered yet, conquer your goals, and stay warm from the inside out. Visit WorldLink today and experience the Smart Combo Offer for exclusive deals on the boAt Ultima Connect and other tech must-haves!

boAt Smartwatch Ultima Connect in Stunning Colors options

boAt Ultima Connect: Active Black

Ultima Connect Packaging 1.2 removebg

boAt Ultima Connect: Cherry Blossom

Ultima Connect Packaging 4.2 removebg

However, please note that the availability of these colours may vary at WorldLink branches. It’s advisable to check with your nearest branch for the current colour options. Regardless of the colour, you’ll still experience the same incredible features and quality that make the boAt Smartwatch Ultima Connect a top choice for enthusiasts.

Why consider the boAt Ultima Connect?

  1. Stunning Features: Enjoy a crystal-clear 1.83″ HD display, DIY watch faces, health tracking with the Crest App, Bluetooth calling, and more.
  2. Unmatched Price: At Rs. 2249, you’re getting a premium smartwatch at half the market price, ensuring incredible value for your money.
  3. Tech meets Style: Elevate your style with a sleek and functional smartwatch that complements your lifestyle seamlessly.
  4. Limited-Time Offer: This exclusive deal won’t last forever. Act now to secure your boAt Ultima Connect at this special price.
  5. Capture Every Beat: Monitor your heart’s rhythm, cherish BT calls, and make each moment count with a smartwatch designed for life’s heartbeat.
  6. Style Meets Substance: Beyond features, the boAt Ultima Connect is a style statement. Wear a piece of innovation that complements your individuality.
  7. Empowered Connectivity: This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an empowerment journey. Stay connected to what matters, stride confidently, and make your moments matter.
  8. Limited Edition of Moments: This exclusive offer is a gateway to a limited edition of moments. Secure yours before this opportunity slips away.
WorldLink customers can grab the best boAt smartwatch in Nepal: Ultima Connect for JUST Rs. 2,249 (Market Price in Nepal. Rs. 4,499) Under the WorldLink Smart Combo Deal
Desktop 700 Watch faces DIY Watch Face studio 3
boAt smartwatch price in Nepal with WorldLink Combo Deal offer

Also, WorldLink customers can get Airdopes 170 for Rs. 1,699 (Market Price in Nepal Rs. 3,299)!

Mesh Wi-Fi upgrade with FREE Nokia Beacon 1.1 too! So, Upgrade YOUR lifestyle with the WorldLink Smart Combo.

Desktop Crest App Health Ecosystem 1
boAt smartwatch price in Nepal with WorldLink Combo Deal offer

boAt Airdopes 170 Offer

An enticing pair of airdopes that has battery capabilities to outlast a day with 50 hours of battery life on quick 10-minute charging giving you 180 minutes of playtime. The airdrops come with a quad mic that has ENx technology for a hassle-free, hands-free crystal clear call experience. This pocket dynamite has its boAt signature sound with 13mm drivers and Beast mode feature meaning incredibly clear and loud music with ultra-low latency. All that with an easy open-to-connect technology which seamlessly pairs your buds as soon as you open the case lid.

You can learn more about current boAt Airdopes 170 offer on: Click here

WorldLink’s Smart Combo Deal Offer: Available Package

Both new and existing customers can enjoy WorldLink’s Smart Combo Deal. Also, the available package on the Smart Combo deal offer is not just about high-speed internet; it’s about tailoring your online experience to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, an avid streamer, or a serious online gamer, our Smart Combo Deal offers three dynamic internet packages to elevate your digital lifestyle.

200 Mbps Internet Package:

Perfect for households with 3–4 devices, the 200 Mbps plan is an ideal entry point into WorldLink’s high-speed residential broadband series. Enjoy seamless social networking, smooth web browsing, online video streaming, occasional gaming, and crystal-clear voice and video calls. This package is tailored for voice and video interactions, ensuring uninterrupted communication for your household.

250 Mbps Internet Package:

Step up your internet game with the 250 Mbps plan, designed for households with 4–5 devices. Offering faster download and upload speeds compared to the 200 Mbps plan, this package ensures quicker file transfers, fluid HD video streaming, faster loading times for web pages and applications, and enhanced online gaming performance. It’s the perfect choice for households seeking an extra boost in internet speed and reliability.

300 Mbps Internet Package:

For those craving top-tier internet performance, the 300 Mbps plan is the pinnacle of WorldLink’s offerings. With 100 Mbps more speed than the 200 Mbps plan, this package is tailored for households with 6-7 internet users and individuals with creative professions. Whether you indulge in 4K streaming, online gaming, or other resource-intensive online activities, the 300 Mbps plan delivers the bandwidth you need. Benefit from a dual-band router, options for the Nokia Beacon Router, smart installation, and other features shared with our other plan options.

Advanced Mesh Technology: Nokia Beacon 1.1

WorldLink is introducing the advanced Mesh technology 5G Nokia Beacon 1.1 router. It’s not just a secondary router; it’s a game-changer for your internet experience. This device provides seamless connectivity with Mesh Wi-Fi technology, wider 5 GHz coverage, and uninterrupted speed, ensuring a seamless online journey. Valued at Rs. 7,000, the Nokia Beacon 1.1 is being offered free with every new 12-month subscription or renewal of the 12-month internet plan. WorldLink’s commitment goes beyond providing high-speed internet; it’s about enhancing your overall digital lifestyle.

Nokia Beacon 1.1

WorldLink’s Smart Combo Deal is here to warm you up with blazing-fast internet and boAt tech goodies! Whether you’re a streaming enthusiast, a remote work warrior, or just love staying connected, this offer has something for everyone.

Choose Your Speed Boost!

Reliable 200 Mbps: Perfect for families who love lag-free gaming, smooth video calls, and seamless online learning.
Blazing 250 Mbps: Take your entertainment to the next level with uninterrupted streaming, lightning-fast downloads, and effortless multitasking.
Unleash the Beast: 300 Mbps: Conquer even the most demanding online activities, from high-resolution streaming to VR gaming, with this ultimate speed warrior.

For New Customers: Welcome with Exclusive Khalti Perks!

Buy any 3- or 12-month package directly on the WorldLink website and get up to Rs.1000 off when you pay with Khalti!

For Existing Customers: Renew & Reward Yourself!

Simply renew your package using any wallet and unlock exclusive deals on the boAt ULTIMA CONNECT smartwatch for only Rs.2249 (discounted price!). Also, Don’t miss out on the boAt AIRDODES 170 earbuds for just Rs.1699 too!

Claim Your Tech Goodies at Your Nearest Branch!

Visit your nearest WorldLink branch after renewing your package and grab your boAt treasures at the special offer price. It’s time to treat yourself to some winter tech magic! Don’t wait! This limited-time offer won’t last forever. Head to the WorldLink website or visit your nearest branch to upgrade your internet and your winter with the Smart Combo Deal

P.S. Share this with your friends and family and spread the winter tech love! Renew or subscribe to WorldLink

WorldLink Combo deal offer 1

Hence, in short, Existing customers can enjoy exclusive deals on the boAt Ultima Connect smartwatch at Rs.2249(Discount rate) and Airdopes 170 at Rs.1699 simply by renewing their package via any wallet for 3 or 12 months and visiting their nearest branch to grab the boAt offer at the offered price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – boAt Ultima Connect Smart Watch

  1. Can existing WorldLink customers avail the boAt Ultima Connect and boAt Airdopes offer without visiting a branch?
    • No, both existing and new WorldLink customers can take advantage of this offer for their single username and need to visit a branch. All the stock is available at the branch only, ensuring a convenient and seamless process for customers to claim the exclusive boAt Ultima Connect and boAt Airdopes offer.
  2. Can I purchase the boAt Ultima Connect Smart Watch at a discounted price if I am a new WorldLink customer?
    • Absolutely! New WorldLink customers can also avail of the exclusive discount on the boAt Ultima Connect Smart Watch by subscribing to the Smart Combo Deal that includes the boAt Smartwatch, boAt Airdopes 170 and of course Nokia Beacon 1.1. Once you have paid for the installation of the package, you can enjoy this special offer.
  3. What unique features does the boAt Airdopes 170 offer?
    • The boAt Airdopes 170, available at a special price of Rs. 1,699 for WorldLink customers, comes with a long-lasting battery, quad mic with ENx technology, boAt signature sound with 13mm drivers, and an easy open-to-connect technology for seamless pairing.
  4. How do I upgrade to the Smart Combo Deal and claim the Nokia Beacon 1.1 router?
    • To upgrade to the Smart Combo Deal and receive the Nokia Beacon 1.1 router for free, customers can subscribe to a new 12-month internet plan or renew their existing 12-month plan. This advanced Mesh technology router enhances connectivity and ensures a seamless online experience.
  5. How long is the Smart Combo Deal Offer available, and how can I make the most of it?
    • The Smart Combo Deal Offer is a limited-time promotion. To make the most of it, act promptly by renewing or subscribing to a WorldLink package, visiting your nearest branch, and grabbing the exclusive boAt tech goodies at the special offer prices before the promotion ends.
  6. Does boAt Ultima Connect support BT Calling?
    • Yes, boAt Ultima Connect is equipped with BT Calling functionality, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch. The feature includes AI noise cancellation to subdue background sounds, ensuring clear communication.
  7. How long does boAt Ultima Connect last on a single charge?
    • boAt Ultima Connect provides a battery backup of up to 7 days. However, with the added feature of BT Calling, the smartwatch will last for approximately 2 days on a single charge, ensuring prolonged usage without frequent recharging.
  8. Is boAt Ultima Connect water-resistant and suitable for outdoor use?
    • Yes, boAt Ultima Connect comes with IP68 Dust, Sweat, and Splash Resistance, making it perfect for outdoor use. The water-resistant feature ensures durability and reliability, allowing users to wear the smartwatch confidently during various outdoor activities.
  9. What is Crest+ OS on boAt Ultima Connect?
    • Crest+ OS is a proprietary operating system on boAt Ultima Connect that unlocks a range of features for users. It includes a DIY watch face studio for creating personalized watch faces, boAt Coins for earning rewards, and the Crest Health Ecosystem for a comprehensive health tracking experience.
  10. Can I make my watch face with Crest+ OS?
    • Yes, one of the features of Crest+ OS is the DIY watch face studio, allowing users to create their own customized watch faces. This feature adds a personal touch to the smartwatch, letting users express their unique style.
  11. What are boAt Coins, and how can I earn them with boAt Ultima Connect?
    • boAt Coins are a virtual currency within the boAt ecosystem that users can earn through various activities. With boAt Ultima Connect and Crest+ OS, users can accumulate boAt Coins and redeem them for rewards on the boAt app or partner brands.
  12. Does boAt Ultima Connect come with health monitoring features?
    • Yes, boAt Ultima Connect is equipped with health monitoring features, including a SpO2 monitor and a heart rate monitor. The Crest Health Ecosystem provides users with a comprehensive health-tracking experience, allowing them to monitor vital health metrics.
  13. Is there any noise cancellation feature in boAt Ultima Connect during calls?
    • Yes, boAt Ultima Connect features AI noise cancellation during calls. This technology helps subdue background sounds, ensuring that the microphones capture only the user’s voice for a clear and uninterrupted calling experience.
  14. Can I claim both offers under the Smart Combo deal boAt Ultima Connect Smartwatch and boAt Airdopes?
    • Yes, both our existing and new customers can take this offer for their single username.
  15. Is there a warranty for the product? How do I claim a warranty?
    • Yes, all of our smartwatches, including the boAt Ultima Connect, come with a 1-year warranty. To register your device and claim warranty services, please visit boAt Lifestyle Support.

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