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Introducing Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1.1  an advanced in-home router that brings strong and seamless Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. The highly reliable Nokia Wi-Fi Beacon 1.1 has built-in intelligence monitors and adjusts your Wi-Fi based on the device you are connected to automatically for an optimal high-speed connection.

For additional information regarding the terms and conditions for Nokia Beacon 1.1, kindly proceed to the Terms & Conditions section below.

No installation charge

No cost for router

No deposit needed

Terms and conditions:

  • Refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the router in working condition.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable in Unlimited Plans.
  • Above mentioned plans are exclusively for residential purposes and shall not be resold or used for business purposes.
  • TSC is included in Internet Service Charge.
  • Vat is extra.
  • Nokia Beacon 1.1 is only eligible for Standard Packages.
  • CAT cable is suggested for the optimal experience of Nokia Beacon 1.1
  • Smart installation is suggested for the optimal experience of Nokia Beacon 1.1
  • Note: Smart Installation is available in the selected area only.
  • For the Nokia Beacon 1.1 trial, there is no need to pay for installation charges or a router deposit.
  • Aside from the trial period, if the customer wishes to install the Nokia Beacon 1.1, they must pay Rs. 1,500 deposit as well as a rental charge depending upon the subscription package.
  • Please note that the 15-day trial period requires the customer’s account to have a remaining validity of 15 days. In the case of an account being disabled or in a grace period, customers must renew their account to access the trial period, or else they can only use the trial for the remaining days and return the device to their nearest branch.
  • After the trial time, if the customer wants to add a new Nokia beacon 1.1, they must pay the required amount of the beacon within three days. The customer’s account will be disabled until the Nokia beacon 1.1 payment is made.