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Refer Offer

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If you don’t have a referrer to process, a new customer can get Rs. 1000 cashback while buying directly from the WorldLink website.

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Refer WorldLink internet connection to your friends and family and receive 30 days of FREE internet. After filling out the form, the refer to (new customer) will receive the referral code via phone, Viber, or email.

If you can have then either you can simply apply the refer code during the purchase of an internet connection directly from WorldLink’s website and enjoy 30 days of FREE internet for you and your referred friend instantly right after the installation.

Please note: This refer code is the only for online purchases that is exclusively used for new customers buying directly from WorldLink’s website.

Besides the referral code, you can also refer your friends and family and enjoy 30 days of FREE internet using the other options below:

How it works?

Refer your family & friends

Refer WorldLink Internet Connection to your friends and family through the myWorldLink App, the WorldLink Website, a phone call, or by visiting one of our branch locations.

Confirm Installation

Our staff will verify the references made and schedule a date for the new installation.

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Get Free Internet & NETTV

You will be automatically rewarded with one month’s FREE Internet & NETTV package after successful installation and complete payment by the referred individual.

Referral Rewards

Refer more friends to receive more rewards!

Refer 1 Friend

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Get 1 Month FREE internet & NETTV

Refer 3 Friend

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Get 3 Months FREE internet & NETTV

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  • Internet
  • NetTV subscription
  • Dual band router

Refer 5 Friend

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Get 5 Months FREE internet & NETTV

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  • Internet
  • NetTV subscription
  • Beacon 1.1

Terms and conditions:

  • The referrer will receive the benefit in real time after a successful payment is made by the referred person. Both Refer by and Refer to should be on Active Status.
  • To receive the benefits, the referrer must refer to a 3-month or 12-month internet package.
  • On the Refer Offer, we are providing a rental charge FREE on the 3rd refer i.e. Dual Band Router and the 5th refer i.e. Beacon 1.1, however refundable deposit needs to be paid by the customers for both Dual Band Router and Nokia Beacon 1.1 . Please note that FREE Nokia Beacon 1.1 installation is only valid on the Standard package of 200/250/300Mbps for 3 or 12 months.
  • Refer offer is only valid for standard packages.
  • A referrer can make a referral by using the WorldLink Refer offer page, a Phone call, Facebook chat, myWorldLink app, or by visiting the nearest branch offices.
  • You can only make one claim for a Dual-band router and Nokia Beacon 1.1, but they will be eligible for internet and NETTV as per the number of referrals made.
  • Refer offer is eligible for friends and family of WorldLink Customers only. Any unofficial advertisement of the Refer Offer by any party besides WorldLink in Social media & other online platforms will be deemed unauthorized.