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1 Gbps Internet in Nepal 2023

Athletes like Usain Bolt are the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about speed, but the tables have turned, we have our own speedster NimsDai, a world-record holder who has peaked all 14 eight-thousanders (mountain peaks above 8,000 meters) in a record time of six months and six days. Trailblazers like NimsDai are a true representation of speed and elegance, acknowledging its great heights, WorldLink has introduced the flagship package 1 Gbps Internet in Nepal. 1 Gbps is the highest broadband internet speed available in Nepal, fasten your seatbelts, you are in for a crazy ride with the blazing speed of WorldLink’s 1 Gbps package, blink and you’ll miss.

Our flagship 1 Gbps package is designed for heavy internet users and is the perfect fit for a household that requires multiple connections, streamers/gamers who are involved in 4k streaming, and creative individuals who require heavy internet bandwidth. 1 Gbps package transmits data up to 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). With that rate of speed, downloading a full HD movie is just a matter of a few minutes, updating your smartphone’s operating system will take just some seconds, and playing online games will be smoother than ever.

Added Benefits:

The added benefit of WorldLink’s flagship package is the icing on the cake and makes it stand out from all its competitors.


WorldLink has always kept customer satisfaction and after-sales services at the top of its priority. Keeping up with our main motto “Chito Bhanekai WorldLink”, we’ve introduced 2रुन्तै, which guarantees you with solving your internet problems within 2 hours. Failure to solve the problem within 2 hours, gets you 2 days of internet absolutely FREE. 

Nokia Beacon 3.0:

Powered by a Mesh Wi-Fi system, Nokia Beacon 3.0 enables all the corners in your house with an optimal Wi-Fi signal. Combined with the 1 Gbps internet speed, it makes your house free of Wi-Fi dead zones. It can also provide triple-play services with voice, video, and data, while its unique spectrum monitoring and interference detection ensure an overall top-quality experience. The device acts as a better replacement for your normal Wi-Fi extender, its single Wi-Fi SSID gives it an edge over a typical Wi-Fi extender

Wi-Fi Express:

WorldLink understands the importance of staying connected within the house as well as outside. Taking this into consideration we have set up 14000+ Free Wi-Fi hotspots all across Nepal, Wi-Fi hotspots are available for all users regardless of their ISP. Non-WorldLink customers can enjoy FREE_WorldLink_WI-FI by logging into the hotspots and registering their number; however, they have to register it every time they connect to a new location. Whereas for WorldLink users, can connect to “myWorldLink” WI-FI SSID by one-time registration through the “myWorldlink app” and will automatically connect in all available locations. With the introduction of our new flagship 1 Gbps internet package, we have gone a step further and added 5 Free myWorldLink connections for WorldLink customers to the previously existing 1-user connection.

Smart Installation:

Installing a high-speed internet connection doesn’t guarantee you an upgraded speed, the placement of routers needs to be at optimal Wi-Fi zones. WorldLink’s smart installation ensures that Wi-Fi signals cover all your house. Smart installation is the service provided by WoldLink for proper router placement to get better speed and Wi-Fi signal all over the customer’s house. We provide complete necessary solutions at the customer’s door. Our technical team will visit your residence and find the optimal location to place the router and Beacon 3.0 to eliminate any signal interference.

Nokia Beacon 3.0 and Smart Installation come with extra charges added to them, you can get the details about the charges here


Price BreakDown:

Dedicated to the trailblazers and the trendsetters.WorldLink’s Presenting you NimsDai Special Edition 1 Gbps internet in Nepal priced at Rs. 39,999 for a yearly subscription, with added benefits of best-in-class customer service; 2रुन्तै, Mesh Wi-Fi powered Nokia Beacon 3.0 and revamped Wi-Fi Mobility service. Don’t miss out on experiencing the electrifying speed combined with lightning-fast customer support.

Nimsdai 1 Gbps internet price in nepal