Enjoy more than 14000+ free Wi-Fi hotspots all over Nepal.
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WorldLink understands the importance of remaining connected to internet both inside the house and outside. To meet this requirement WorldLink has built more than FREE 14000 plus Wi-Fi hotspots across Nepal . WorldLink customers can connect to these hotspots with the Wi-Fi SSID “ myWorldLink” with a simple one time registration. Once registered ,customers will automatically connect to the hotspots seamlessly.

Non WorldLink customers can also use this benefit by logging to the hotspots through the SSID “ Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”. However they have to register at each hotspot separately with their mobile number.

Currently we have Free Wi-Fi hotspots across various restaurants , banks ,hospitals , temples, parks , airports , malls and various public places.

Where are our free Wi-Fi hotspots available?

Bus Stops
Public Place

Features & Steps To Connect Free Wi-Fi across Nepal

WorldLink User


  • One-time registration (login setup).
  • Unlimited Free Internet Access all over Nepal including major commuting routes.
  • Can be connected to multiple devices simultaneously.
Steps to connect:
  • Step 1:Go to nearest place where WorldLink’s Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available
  • Step 2:Open myWorldLink App
  • Step 3:Click On “Wi-Fi Express”
  • Step 4:Click On “Connect”

Non-WorldLink User

  • Free internet access all over Nepal.
  • Per user 500MB data in a day.
  • Users can get 100 MB extra by simply watching Ads on the “WorldLink Wi-Fi App”. 
Steps to connect:

Step 1: Open your Wi-Fi Network & click on           “Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”
Step 2: Click on “Get ONLINE”
Step 3: Click on "New Registration for FREE Login code"
Step 4: Enter your mobile number 
Step 5: Click on "Request Login Code"
Step 6: Click on "OK" to confirm your phone number
Step 7: Insert “Login Code” you received on your number 
Step 8: Click on the "Check Box" to accept the terms and conditions.
Step 9: Click on "Login"

Check myWorldLink App or Wi-Fi Network to see if WorldLink’s Free Wi-Fi hotspots are available or not in your location

SSID “myWorldLink”

SSID “Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”


  • What is the difference between Wi-Fi EXPRESS & Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi?

    - Wi-Fi EXPRESS is free value added service exclusively for WorldLink users. WorldLink users can connect to multiple simultaneously & enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi all over Nepal where WorldLink’s Wi-Fi hotspots are available.

    - Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi are available for Non-WorldLink users. They can enjoy only 500MB in a day. But, they can also enjoy additional 200MB if they watch ads on “Express Wi-Fi App”.

  • How can I find free Wi-Fi hotspots nearby?

    - WorldLink users can find Wi-Fi hotspots from myWorldLink app.

    - Go to myWorldLink app ->WiFi EXPRESS -> Open Wi-Fi Maps.

    - Non-WorldLink users have to open mobile’s Wi-Fi settings and check “Free_WorldLink_Wi-Fi”.

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