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WorldLink is upgrading FTTH network with the new 10 Gbps technology

13 Dec, 2022

29 June, 2022

WorldLink is upgrading the fiber to home network with the new 10 Gbps technology, now the upload speed can be the same as the download!!

WorldLink Communications Limited, Nepal’s largest Internet service provider, has successfully completed testing the latest technology XGS-PON to upgrade its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) network. WorldLink will gradually upgrade its current GPON network to XGS-PON to meet current  bandwidth demand. WorldLink is the first company in Nepal to upgrade its network to XGS-PON.

With this XGS-PON we will be able to provide symmetric download and upload speed to our customers. With current GPON technology we are not able to provide symmetric download and upload because of GPON technology which has 2.5 Gbps download and 1.25Gbps upload speed which is asymmetric. XGS-PON has capability of handling symmetric 10 Gbps download speed as well as 10 Gbps upload speed.

The new 10 Gbps XGS-PON has up to eight times more upload bandwidth and four times more download bandwidth capabilities than GPON and latency will be slightly better than the GPON. “Theoretically, each XGS-PON port will be able to provide Internet connections to 256 customers, twice as many as the current 128 customers”. In near future, WorldLinkk is also planning to test 25G-PON in collaboration with its infrastructure company, Nokia

With this technology, we will be able to provide more than 1Gbps connection to its customer in coming days. WorldLink believes that this new technology will be best match for user group like content creator, youtubers, streamers, gamers, video conferencing. In addition, we are also planning to provide different services to corporate customers with this new technology.