DNS Settings (Domain Name Servers)


DNS Server
IP Address


Email Settings

Incoming Mail Server (POP3) pop3.wlink.com.np
pop3 port: 110
Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) imap.wlink.com.np
imap port: 143
Outgoing Mail Server: (SMTP) smtp.wlink.com.np
smtp port: 25
Outgoing Mail Server: (SSMTP) ssmtp.wlink.com.np
ssmtp port: 465
for more detail CLICK HERE
Account name Your WorldLink username (the part before "@" on your e-mail address, for e.g., username is support for address support@wlink.com.np)

Password Your account password

Note: WorldLink will provide you support services on issues related to configuration and troubleshooting on only the e-mail software mentioned below
1. Outlook Express
2. Microsoft Outlook
3. Eudora Pro
4. Mozilla Thunderbird
1. Mail (default Mail client)

Click Here for your e-mail software configuration.

We will not provide support services on e-mail software other than the ones mentioned above. You are requested to configure or check settings using the above information on your own.

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