WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps

Published on: 15 September, 2021


WorldLink Photon Series

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“Innovations to create a better home broadband experience is a continuous process and WorldLink Communications Ltd., the largest broadband ISP of Nepal, is not to be left behind in this endeavor.  Hence WorldLink launches the WorldLink Photon series of broadband service which is a hallmark of high speed, complete house coverage and an unparalleled internet experience. This comes with, for the first time in Nepal, internet speeds upto 300 Mbps powered with Mesh wi-fi system for giving a whole home wi-fi solution. Now customers can get very high-speed internet across the house and get an unbelievable internet experience. To enable this WorldLink introduces Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers which are highly capable of delivering a home solution with Mesh wi-fi. To give a perfect experience WorldLink introduces the concept of Smart Installation with multiple routers and networking inside the house, focusing on the right placing and mounting of routers so that all desired zones in the house are having high speed internet connection.

Coverage like never before

Mesh Wi-fi system is also much superior than range extender routers as in Mesh wi-fi all the routers belong to a single wi-fi network connected to each other and there is no need of changing the wi-fi username manually as it is done with range extender routers. Customers can move seamlessly, without any change of internet experience throughout the house.

Speaking on this new product launch Mr. Dileep Agrawal, Chairman of WorldLink Communications Ltd., said “We are at the threshold of a home internet technology boom worldwide and there is a constant need to upgrade the internet speed at our home and have a superior home networking done with the state-of-the-art devices and technology. Hence, we take immense pride in launching WorldLink Photon series with 300 Mbps for the first time in Nepal and with it Mesh wi-fi home solution with Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers. The networking of these devices will be done through smart installation process checking the right signal level and other networking parameters in the house. I am sure we can give an unmatchable broadband experience to our customers throughout their home premises which was an unfulfilled gap in internet service in Nepal till now. All this will come in an affordable price so that everyone can have a smart home from now on. Currently we have upgraded our network in Kathmandu to offer the Photon service only in Kathmandu. We will be launching Photon in other cities very soon. We firmly stand by our Mission statement “Enrich the lives of our customers through world-class service”


Nokia Beacon 1.1

WorldLink has already been a key innovator in the broadband space in Nepal by bringing in IPTV service with the brand name NETTV, creating 11000+ free wi-fi hotspots across Nepal for everyone, reaching distant and remote locations like Karnali with wireless broadband technology and is always trying hard to serve Nepal with better internet technologies and infrastructure.”

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