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WORLDLINK celebrated its 20th Anniversary

In the early 90s, Mr. Dileep Agrawal was frustated over some existing technologies while trying to communicate from U.S with his family in Nepal. That propelled him to establish a communication company and the WorldLink Communications Pvt. Ltd. was found on September 15, 1995.

Exactly 20 years from the date of its foundation, WorldLink Communications celebrated its 20 years of successfully connecting people on 15th September. WorldLink has provided a quality internet service for customers across the range of services, including dedicated leased line and retail connection. On the occasion, the company thanked all of the customers and its stake holders for every milestone shared together along the way. It conducted different activities circling around the benefits to the society and the customers itself. The company also introduced different offers to target the new customers and also pushed out some rewarding packages for its existing customers.

The company provided 20% more bandwidth to every unlimited plan subscribers and also 20% more volume add up to all the volume-based high speed internet users.

Nevertheless, the company also launched the high speed internet at the speed of 50 Mbps in the most affordable price. The internet connection charge was brought down to the celebration rate of just Rs. 20, which is applicable in all the existing internet packages until October 5, 2015.

Corporate Social Responsibility: A testament of success

Free Wi-Fi at Patan Durbar Square

WorldLink, at its 20th anniversary, conducted different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to leverage its CSR platforms in a way to give back to the society. As an initiation and a company in a vision to connect everyone, everywhere, all the time, it established a free Wi-Fi zone in Patan Durbar Square in respect to the historical sites and their uniqueness. For the people who come as a visitor, as a wanderer and also those who come in the morning and evening to stroll around, the service has beautified the time spent around the site.

Park Inauguration

The company inaugurated the Bal Bridha Park located in Jawalakhel. WorldLink has been maintaining and reconstructing the park since beginning. “At present we need more parks for refreshment and that adds to the beauty of the city” company Chairman Mr. Dileep Agrawal told in the event. The Park is under the jurisdiction of Jawalakhel Area Conservation and Improvement Committee and Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City. It is now open for public after inauguration program by Mr. Gagan Thapa.

Free Internet for Government Schools

The company has also provided free internet service to five different government schools based in Lalitpur and Kathmandu in a hope to provide more relevant and modern education. The company believes that the free internet service takes the students near to the technology side and help them improve the study. The internet service is provided to Padmakanya Higher Secondary, Dillibazaar, Ratnarajya Higher Secondary, Baneshowr, Patan Secondary School, Patandhoka, Shree Chandi Adarsha Saral Secondary School, Chakupat and Tripadma Secondary School, Pulchowk for the period of one year.

Meal Served at Old age home

The WorldLink family also paid its respect to the elderly people at the old age home in Shantinagar named Ni Sahaya Sewa Sadan by serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day.

Free Internet service to football players

WorldLink honored under 19 Nepalese Football Team (winners of SAFF championship) by providing free internet service for a year to the whole team. The company honored the team by organizing an event in Jawalakhel from the company’s executive directors Mr. Manoj Agrawal and Mr. Bijay Jalan.

WorldLink+you: A Facebook app campaign

To mark the 20th year anniversary, WorldLink launched an app on Facebook. The app which is named WorldLink+you was live on 15th September and run till 5th October. The app is a simple interface where users need to submit their name, phone number, email address and gender to participate. The winners are determined on the basis of points earned which is the arithmetic of no. of times the app is shared on one’s wall and referred to other friends. The winners will be rewarded with attractive gifts/coupons.

Office Relocation

In due consideration of the congestion of the current office and grievances of our several customers, we have moved our office in Suryabinayak from its current place to its new location in Gatthaghar from September 23, 2015.

Our new office has enough space and excellent parking in the spacious surroundings. Since, it is located next to the Arniko high way, our customers will find it more easily accessible and comfortable.

However our location has relocated, our contact number remains the same.

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