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myWorldLink app: You are in-charge

WorldLink developed "myWorldLink app" for its retail customers to help them out, even if it's just with the simplest things. The company has put all the tools of controlling their account in the app along with the facility of making the payment right away from the device running the app. This app now is exclusively available on android devices however, we are developing the app for our users hooked on to IOS devices.

With one click "myWorldLink app" will enable users to:

  • Check the real-time bandwidth on the go
  • Open trouble ticket and check the status
  • Check our network availability
  • Change the password of user's account instantly
  • Renew the service and see the transaction history
  • Extend the service
Customers can download the app by following this link:

Festive Offer 2072

WorldLink launched "Festive Offer 2072" aiming to provide the customers with extra volume and extra happiness. The company provided up to 2.8 times more times the GB volume on its quota based internet plans and up to 1.5 times more the bandwidth on its unlimited internet plans. At present the company is providing the various range of high speed internet service. To breakdown, below is the details on the service and the offer.

10 Mbps internet: Customers subscribing this plan gets up to 2.25 times extra volume

25 Mbps internet: Customers subscribing this plan gets up to 2.7 times extra volume

50 Mbps internet: Customers subscribing this plan gets up to 2.8 times extra volume

LiFi, not WiFi, could power the internet in the future – and it's just light

The Oxford dictionary defines a light-bulb moment as a "moment of sudden realization, enlightenment, or inspiration". Fitting, then, that scientists recently discovered the internet could be transmitted via light bulb.

Soon the day will come when you check into a hotel, or slide into a café chair, and ask staff for their "LiFi" code.

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Windows 10: The best tricks, tips, and tweaks

Windows 10, Microsoft’s back-to-basics re-embracing of the PC, is already brimming with handy new features, and with all the new goodies comes with a legion of new tweaks and tricks—some of which unlock powerful functionality hidden to everyday users.

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6 Google Docs tips for Android & iOS

If editing or even creating a Google Docs file on a five-inch touchscreen sounds nuts to you, listen up: It’s totally doable, once you’ve mastered a few tricks.

Composing fresh documents won’t seem as tedious once you’ve tweaked your on-screen keyboard a bit, and your editing tools are just a tug of the screen away. Need to look up a few facts and figures? You can do so without leaving your document. There’s also an easy way to grab clip art from the web, review comments and “suggested” changes from fellow Google Docs users, and even edit documents without an Internet connection.

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'Hey Cortana!' Microsoft's assistant for Android goes hands-free with the latest update

If you thought Microsoft would allow Cortana for Android to be an also-ran compared with the Windows version, think again. Android Central reported Friday afternoon that the latest release of the Cortana for Android beta will now listen to commands when you call its name.

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Facebook rolls out new personalized mobile notifications tab

Thanks to Facebook, soon you will have less of an excuse for missing your friend’s birthday.

On Monday, Facebook announced that it was going to update and redesign the notifications tab on its mobile apps to make it way more useful. Mobile notifications will now surface personalized information such as your friends’ birthdays and other important life events, as well as information about upcoming events you’ve joined.

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How to work with PDFs in Windows 10

Finally, Windows 10 can save a file as a PDF from any application, and you can read a PDF right inside the Microsoft Edge browser. But if you want to do more than that, or you're used to the Windows 8.1 tools for working with PDFs, there are still plenty of options that give you more PDF features.

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How to hold Skype chats with people who aren't Skype users

Recently, Microsoft added a new feature to Skype that lets anyone join a conversation even if you aren’t a Skype user. Personally, I’d be hard pressed to find someone I know without a Skype account. Nevertheless, it’s a good feature to have ready just in case.

The new Skype feature is available now for U.S. users, but you have to activate it first. There may be a more official way to get it working, but here’s how I did it.

These instructions are for the Windows desktop version of Skype but will work similarly on Skype for the web.

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15 powerful Microsoft Word shortcuts you need to know

Google Docs is great and all, but Microsoft Word is still the de facto standard when it comes to putting words to digital page. But how well do you know this decades-old program?

Familiarity breeds complacency. Most of us just keep on using Microsoft's productivity powerhouse the same way we have for years. If you want to up your Word game, here are 15 extremely useful keyboard shortcuts you'll want to master, ranging from basic to little known.

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