WorldLink CAN Infotech-2016 offer

Three For Free

WorldLink launched an attractive offers and packages to all new and existing customers in CAN info-tech 2016. The six days event which started from 29th Jan is the mega tech event in the country where WorldLink showed its presence as a Gold Sponsor.
As the high-speed internet and technology supporting it are becoming a way of life for most people, WorldLink provided three times more volume (GB) on all its internet plans. The offer just doesn’t stop there, the offer also provided two months’ equivalent data, 5% cash discount, discount on Fiber router and waived installation charges in order to lighten the burden of costing during the expo on annual subscription.
Another thing that supplemented the event and the offer was the comeback of 5 Mbps internet plan. WorldLink reintroduced the 5Mbps plan by increasing the fallback speed.
The celebration of the mega tech event was also the stall itself and all the activities happening there. WorldLink placed the “Speed Challenge Game” where the participation of people was significantly high. One winner of the day was declared everyday through Facebook and was provided with the high speed internet of 10 Mbps for three months. Six lucky winners got the opportunity of subscribing to the best internet service of Nepal for free.
The stall design was the attempt of reflecting the company’s focus and priority now. As the company is trying to connect everyone with quality and future proof technology of FTTH service, we tried with every way to give people that impression with all our efforts. The overwhelming positive response of people and the flow of people towards our stall kept us motivated throughout the event.

Same Day Support: Now the wait is over

Times are often hard when your internet goes down even for a few hours and the situation turns out to be painful when the help comes far beyond the expected time. WorldLink has long understood this pain of the customers and to solve this out we have come up with a revolutionary process of “same day support” with the aim of exceeding customer’s expectation of service.
Providing same day support had been one of our major challenges which we were working on since long and now proudly announce its success. Taking our customers’ suggestions into consideration, we now provide same day field support service to our valued customer in addition to real-time phone support. If a user is having a problem in the connection and she registers the problem with us before 3 pm, our support team scramble to your doorstep to get you out of the trouble. This of course comes at a significant cost for a company, but the satisfaction of our customers offset our expense. However, to discourage people from making unnecessary request, we will be charging those requests with Rs. 250, if problem is found to be on the client’s side, otherwise it’s free.
We have been able to set-up 10 field support station till date for our 5 branch office and soon will increase its number enough for our 20,000+ customer. Low power supply and rapid increment in load shedding hours have been interrupting our regular internet supply which we have been trying to solve since months for now which we have succeed to some level.  We are continuously working to provide quality service to our customer and hope we will be able to satisfy our customer at some level with this new effort.

myWorldLink app: You are in-charge

We are always drove with the things that make our customers easy in understanding and using our services smartly. To continue on the trend, we have developed “myWorldLink app” for our retail customers to help them out, even it’s just with the simplest things. The app is a modern and smart way of using the internet service with what happens with one’s connection.

myWorldLink app provides ease of controlling the user’s account by shifting the control handle to their hand. Once the app is installed on the device supporting it, customers can directly open a trouble ticket in case of problems in their connection, without having to call us. Another feature in the app is the ability for customers to pay their bills online through the app. This app allows customers to login to their eSewa/ipay account and make the payment through there. Other notable features of the app are:

  • Check the real-time bandwidth on the go
  • Open trouble-ticket and check the status.
  • Check the network availability
  • Change the password of user’s account instantly.
  • Renew the service and see the transaction history all from a same place
  • Get Service outage notification if any.
To download the app please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for “myWorldLink” app or click on this link:
  • Download and install the app
  • Login using your mobile number associated with WorldLink account.

Is this how Apple plans to remove the iPhone’s home button?

Much has been written in recent months about Apple’s potential iPhone plans for the future and some reports have suggested that the introduction of 3D Touch functionality in the iPhone 6s is a hint that the home button will be going away at some point in the future. In fact, the only thing Apple has to do to preserve all the features the home button is to add fingerprint-sensing capabilities to the device’s touch display, and now a newly unearthed patent may show us how Apple plans to achieve this.


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YouTube Said To Be Working to Stream Live 360 Video

There’s no denying that 360 video is wonderful, immersive and, in some cases, almost exhilarating. But YouTube isn’t content: Apparently it’s building capabilities that will allow it to stream 360-degree video live.
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Sony sold off its VAIO PC unit in 2014 to a Japanese investment firm, but it is still offering owners of its previously-released PCs online support. In a post on Sony's site, it says:


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