Money can’t buy happiness but communication gap hurts

We all like to surf the internet at super-fast speed and we like things to stay at this speed throughout the entire month. But sometimes, the excitement and experience of surfing the internet tempt us to forget how much data we are consuming and at what rate. When the data gets finished ahead of subscribed period, our head hit a hard surface. To keep-away our customers from this resultant gross experience and with intention to give them the smooth service, we have started a notification system to alert them about the data being used in a particular minute and sending an alert to their mobile, if, the data is draining quickly.
WorldLink has developed the system for its customers to alert them, if our system finds their current data consumption over 5 min duration exceeds the volume of 1 GB. To do this, our system continuously keeps an eye on your subscribed amount of data and if it find that the consumption rate is at 1 GB per 5 minute, then it immediately shoots a notification to your Mobile phone via SMS and also a notice regarding the alert shows up in myWorldLink app. The purpose of this service is to alert customers that the data actually being drained is not due to the fraudulent activity of some other and it’s not a “leak”. If you find the consumption is abnormal, we recommend you to change your Wi-Fi password immediately or ring us for the help.
Another work-out is on notifying customers about their subscribed-data being used-up and the internet running at fallback speed. Although, the allocated volume per month is more than enough for majority of households, sometimes chances are it gets consumed before a month’s period. To inform customers than letting them being sneaky about their connection, our system will now detect the last remaining amount of data in your account and sends a notification in real-time.
All these systems in place will enable us to communicate about our service and help us come closer to our customers.


Getting your connection back from load shedding

The light in our room went on and off. We waited for long hours and in some cases it even extended to several days to restore the power supply so that we could lit our room again. The problem of load shedding hard hit on households and the impact was worse on business houses. The scenario turned out to be devilishly hard to take in hand, when the scarcity of fuel swelled. WorldLink was not the last company to feel the heat but we could cope up with the unprecedented situation and continue to supply the smooth connection. We literally worked day and night to get your connection back so that you don’t miss out a single thing on the web.
To prepare for the similar situations in future and to maintain the power back-up system at present, WorldLink has made a huge planning and provisioning around it. As an Internet service provider, our primary objective is to keep the network terminals up and running all the time from different places, at a same time. To do this, we have provisioned a standby generators at the major point-of-presence of our main links with capability of remote monitoring and more.
We have also made the arrangement and organized our tasks by purchasing 10 generators of 10 KVA capacity to charge our battery at different places, day and night. We have dedicated 8 vehicles that carry the generators to different places where the charge on battery has reached to critical level. Our team start the work at 6 a.m. in the morning till 10 P.M. at night.
For those place where we cannot take our generators and the system that does not require high power to operate, we have installed a solar charging system to keep our system alive. 
With this effort, we are seeing the light at the end of tunnel. We have been able to stabilize our power supply system and transmit signals smoothly. As it wasn’t an overnight action for us to do, we thank our customers for showing patience during this period. 


Remaining volume carryover from last month

WorldLink has been offering high-speed internet to customers at various speeds. As the service of two-in-one package consisting of data at high speed and unlimited internet at fallback speed is getting popular among people, we have added yet another value around the service. WorldLink has provided an ability to carryover a portion of unused data in current month to the following month.
We have made the provision that, for the customers subscribing to 5 Mbps, 25% of the remaining volume is transferable to the following month. Whereas, 50% of remaining volume is transferrable on 10 Mbps, 25 Mbps and 50 Mbps plans. But to avail this benefit, customers have to pay us before their account get expired. For, example, if today is 26th February and your account is expiring today, you have to renew your account on 25th or earlier.


Keep Referring, Get Notified

WorldLink has been a strong adherent of quality and great customer service. More and more customers are connecting to our service and we have been successful in keeping our promises. As people are happy using our services, they have been referring it to their near and dear ones. For realizing this patronage of our service among our customers, we have a Refer Offer in place to incentivize them in a big Thank You way. We provide free internet worth Rs. 500 to each party, one who refers the service and another who installs it, once the process gets completed.
This appreciation towards the customers is a legacy in the company since long and nothing has changed towards that loyalty. To encourage customers even more and give them the sense of what’s happening around their Refer Request, we have started to notify them about the process via. SMS.  Now, if you refer our service to your friends or family and the referred person installs our internet service, our system will automatically send you a SMS notification once the Refer offer of Rs. 500 has been added to the account of both the parties. Thank you for spreading the Word-of-mouth about our service. Keep referring and keep checking your inbox!

myWorldLink app: You are in-charge

We are always drove with the things that make our customers easy in understanding and using our services smartly. To continue on the trend, we have developed “myWorldLink app” for our retail customers to help them out, even it’s just with the simplest things. The app is a modern and smart way of using the internet service with what happens with one’s connection.

myWorldLink app provides ease of controlling the user’s account by shifting the control handle to their hand. Once the app is installed on the device supporting it, customers can directly open a trouble ticket in case of problems in their connection, without having to call us. Another feature in the app is the ability for customers to pay their bills online through the app. This app allows customers to login to their eSewa/ipay account and make the payment through there. Other notable features of the app are:

  • Check the real-time bandwidth on the go
  • Open trouble-ticket and check the status.
  • Check the network availability
  • Change the password of user’s account instantly.
  • Renew the service and see the transaction history all from a same place
  • Get Service outage notification if any.
To download the app please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for “myWorldLink” app or click on this link:
  • Download and install the app
  • Login using your mobile number associated with WorldLink account.

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