WorldLink New Year Offer

With the start of New Year and the excitements, WorldLink pushed out “New year Offer” to new and existing customers. The company is providing extra volume, cash discounts and free installations on all its plans. Below is the offer description in bite-size.

Our customers subscribed to high-speed internet are happy for what they are getting at this speed, except, for sometimes, them running out of the volume before a month time. This is not going to be the case now. We are providing double data on all high-speed internet plans beginning from 1st Jan 2016. Customers can now download the contents without having to complain about the data being insufficient to them. As the monthly average download of a customer is only 20-40 GB, WorldLink has at least doubled the download volume past this point.

We are also providing free installations on all the plans. Customers who subscribe to annual packages can avail this scheme. Adding to this, there is also a cash discount of 5 % on annual packages. Customers need to pay all the amount in lump sum at the time of subscription in order to get these both offers.

Another work-out in the offer is the modification around 25 Mbps plan. We have altogether removed “Extreme” and “Blast” category under this plan and kept a single category that was most popular amongst our customers. Also the speed of 1 Mbps unlimited internet has been changed to 1.5 Mbps for a slight increase in its price.

All of the information regarding offer and changes in plan has been informed to our customers via. E-mail, SMS, Website and Facebook. The company hope to deliver accurately on its promised brand value with all these value-added services and offers. By all means, we are operating as a single big-family.

myWorldLink app: You are in-charge

We are always drove with the things that make our customers easy in understanding and using our services smartly. To continue on the trend, we have developed “myWorldLink app” for our retail customers to help them out, even it’s just with the simplest things. The app is a modern and smart way of using the internet service with what happens with one’s connection.

myWorldLink app provides ease of controlling the user’s account by shifting the control handle to their hand. Once the app is installed on the device supporting it, customers can directly open a trouble ticket in case of problems in their connection, without having to call us. Another feature in the app is the ability for customers to pay their bills online through the app. This app allows customers to login to their eSewa/ipay account and make the payment through there. Other notable features of the app are:

  • Check the real-time bandwidth on the go
  • Open trouble-ticket and check the status.
  • Check the network availability
  • Change the password of user’s account instantly.
  • Renew the service and see the transaction history all from a same place
  • Get Service outage notification if any.
To download the app please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to Google Play Store and search for “myWorldLink” app or click on this link:
  • Download and install the app
  • Login using your mobile number associated with WorldLink account.

Lainchour office has been moved to Baluwatar

To further optimize the service and business, WorldLink Lainchour branch has been moved to a new location at Baluwatar since 4th Poush (i.e. 19th Dec 2015).
Our new office is located near to WWF. We have sufficient parking space and a spacious office room from where we can operate smoothly to provide greater service and experience to our customers. For the location information of our new branch in Baluwatar, please refer the link below:
For more information, please call our service hotline- 9801523052
New Address:
Lamingtan marg
Near WWF

Breakthrough Technologies 2015

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New WiFi standard offers more range for less power

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