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The sales team of WorldLink doesn’t just want to win your business nor do we make promises the rest of the company can't deliver. At our first meeting we build the foundation for our client-party relationship and undertake a Business Analysis to provide a solution overview. We will work in collaboration with you to discover your actual need. We take every business individually so trying to fit a shoehorn is not our style of operation. We recommend the use of trusted third-party software wherever relevant.

The overview will include your budgetary and timescale limitations. We provide an overall plan that shows you how the solution will fit together. After the initial assessment, you will be provided with a financial plan that discusses the costs and potential risks of the project. If we find that current solution will not achieve your minimum requirements within the budget or time scales then we will present further alternative solutions. Moreover, if the scale of the project requires that an additional business analysis be made to deliver the solution, this will be presented in the project plan as a cost. Though quotation of the final cost of a project may not be possible at the first meeting, we will provide an accurate estimation for the first phase of the project in addition to outlining the estimated costs of future phases.

We can make custom plans for you,please tell us about your requirments

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