With the start of 2020, people all over the world have been caught between the crossfire of working/ studying from home and lousy internet service. Proper internet service has become a need for everyone and the number of users has been rapidly increasing every single year. In 2021 itself, the Alliance 4 Affordable Internet (A4A1) placed Nepal in the 37th position among 72 low-income countries in terms of affordability of the internet. So, it's safe to say that for most Nepalese users, the most crucial aspect of subscribing to an ISP is to get the best service at the most affordable rate. 

Internet Price in Nepal:

According to The Internet Connectivity Index-2021, the average monthly fee for internet service in Nepal is around $13.8 or Rs 1,600. WorldLink Communications, committed to providing consumers with the best packages at affordable prices, has launched the Photon Lite series in Nepal. There are various segments of the Photon lite series. The base variant of Photon Lite comes at Rs 1200 for 150 Mbps, yes, a whole Rs 400 cheaper than the average monthly fee in Nepal. The other two packages in the series include the 225 Mbps plans and the 300 Mbps plan with an extra perk, a NETTV connection! 

But that's not all, to equip the users with seamless Wi-Fi coverage across their house, WorldLink provides an option to install multiple Nokia Beacon 1.1 routers with a smart installation facility, one Nokia Beacon 1.1 can cover up to 1500 sq. ft area. Now you can scroll through TikTok even on the farthest corner of your house!  

The Internet price in Nepal provided by WorldLink under Photon Lite as per the package and time duration are as follows:

Month 150 Mbps (1Tv) 225Mbps (2TV) 300 Mbps (3 TV)  
1 Month Rs.1200 Rs.1400 Rs.1650 Book Now 
3 Months  Rs.4050 Rs.4350 Rs.5250 Book Now
12 Months  Rs.14400 Rs.16800 Rs.19800 Book Now

Note: The charges mentioned above are excluding VAT


Photon Lite 150 Mbps:

The 150 Mbps is the first package under the photon lite series. The base package comes at Rs. 1200 per month with the option for 1 NETTV connection, whereas the yearly subscription for the package comes to Rs.14,400 with an option for 1 NETTV connection. This package is suitable for those who have 2-5  internet users in their house that are looking for general web browsing, social media usage, smooth voice, and video calls, and streaming online video along with occasional online gaming. It also comes along with a Dual-band router and options for the Nokia Beacon Router, a smart installation as per the desire of the customers.

Photon Lite 225 Mbps:

Like the 150 Mbps package, the 225 Mbps is another package under the Photon Lite series. It comes at Rs. 1400 per month with the option for 2 NETTV connections, whereas the yearly subscription for the package comes to Rs.16,800  with an option for 2 NETTV connections. It's best for 5-7 internet users in a household with individuals looking to set up good work from home infrastructure, web browsing, smooth voice, and video calls, and streaming online video. Like its base variant, this also comes along with a Dual-band router and options for Nokia Beacon Router and an optional smart installation.

Photon Lite 300 Mbps:

The 300 Mbps, initially under the Photon series, has become a part of the Photon Lite series with the recent introduction of the Photon 600. It comes at Rs. 1650 per month with the option for 3 NETTV connections, whereas the yearly subscription for the package comes at Rs.19,800 with an option for 3 NETTV connections. It is suitable for individuals who have 7-10 internet users in their house and are involved in creative professions which require heavy internet bandwidth, streaming in 4K, online gaming, and being involved in heavy online activities. Similar to the other two variants, it also comes along with a Dual-band router and options for Nokia Beacon Router as well as the smart installation option.

Why choose WorldLink:

 As a pioneer in telecommunications and internet services in Nepal,  WorldLink has always provided consistent speed, great after-sales service and has always been the frontrunner in satisfying customer demands. Along with these basic necessities, the Photon Lite package comes with options for numerous added benefits such as Dual Band Router, Mesh Wi-Fi system enabled Nokia Beacon Router and Smart Installation. The detailed benefits of the added services are described below:

Dual Band Router:

Dual-band Router is provided by WorldLink in all its Photon Lite Packages. A single-band router, as the name implies, only uses one of the two bands, the 2.4 GHz band, whereas a dual-band router can use both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands. Compared to a single band router, this allows dual-band router to have more versatility and better performance. The benefits of a dual-band router are as follows:

Up to 100x the wireless bandwidth (Picks up both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands)

Dedicated Wi-Fi Network for video and gaming.

Separate networks avoid interference.

  • Two separate Wi-Fi networks operate simultaneously.

Smart Installations:

Smart installation is the service provided by WoldLink for proper router placement to get better speed and Wi-Fi signal all over your house. We provide complete necessary solutions at the customer's door.

Smart Installation ensures the following things:

Proper router positioning/placement as per customer's requirement.

We ensure optimum speed & wireless coverage with multiple add-on routers.

We do proper cabling and mounting for routers.

We provide installation of power sockets with proper drilling and cabling

Nokia Beacon Router 1.1:

Nokia Beacon Router 1.1 comes along with mesh Wi-Fi systems, which eliminates dead Wi-Fi zones. A mesh network is a group of devices that act as a single Wi-Fi network, so there are multiple Wi-Fi sources around your house instead of just a single router. The Nokia Beacon router is a must-have for a big house with numerous stories and thick brick walls. To cover all of your home's corners, you might require a mesh Wi-Fi system Nokia Beacon  1.1. A typical router would be unable to cover all of the sections of such a huge home on its own. If you have a large house, you can add more points for additional Wi-Fi coverage. All points are connected to each other wirelessly. 

Benefits of Nokia Beacon Router:

  • Low Latency and high-speed internet delivery 

  • Great for HD/4k video streaming 

  • Smooth streaming, downloading, and gaming without buffering 

  • Excellent coverage in every corner

WorldLink Communications is dedicated to taking consumers' needs and demands as matters of utmost consideration, and give the best internet price in Nepal. The Photon lite series is curated for users with every type of need. Users who are involved in heavy online activities like gaming or streaming can subscribe to 300 Mbps, while users looking to do some casual social media surfing and occasional gaming and streaming will be more than happy subscribing to 225 Mbps or 150 Mbps internet service. 


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