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Activation Process

After getting voucher from WORLDLINK.

  1. Click above button for Download
  2. Run Setup File
  3. Complete the Installlation process
  4. BullGuard dialog box opens automatically
  5. Go to Settings
  6. Enter Licence key from the voucher
  7. Click activate licence key


  1. Question: What is Internet Security?
    Ans: Internet security is defined as a process to create rules and actions to take to protect against attacks over the Internet
  2. Question: What should I do to get Internet Security?
    Ans : Client should subscribe or renew Wlink annual package.
  3. Question: How can I use Internet security?
    Ans: Visit Wlink website, follow the installation steps mentioned.
  4. Question: Is this for all clients?
    Ans : It is for all Wlink new and renew clients.
  5. Question: Can a single users get multiple BullGuard Internet Security keys?
    Ans : No, client will get only one BullGuard Internet Security key.
  6. Question: Is there any specific expiry date to activate the licence key?
    Ans: No, the licence key do not get expired.
  7. Question: Is it compatible with all Operating System?
    Ans: Yes, it is compatible for all Operating System except Linux.
  8. Question: What if I did not receive BullGuard License key after I paid for annual package?
    Ans: In such case, please contact our chat or phone support or customer accounts and drop your username.

Note: In case of misuse, handover or loosing the BullGuard Licence key it is completely client's responsibility after it is dispersed from WorldLink.